Culver’s Menu With Prices [UPDATED: June 2024]

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Welcome to our page all about the delicious and mouthwatering menu at Culver’s! If you’re like us, then you can’t resist a good burger or sandwich washed down with some creamy frozen custard. But let’s be real, sometimes we just can’t decide what to order. That’s where this page comes in! We’ve got all the info you need on the tasty treats at Culver’s, including the prices. Now you can make informed decisions (or just close your eyes and point at the menu, we won’t judge). Just keep in mind that prices may vary by location, so check with your local Culver’s to get the most accurate info. Happy eating!


Turtle 1 Scoop1 Scoop$3.79
Turtle 2 Scoop2 Scoop$4.59
Turtle 3 Scoop3 Scoop$5.29
Caramel Cashew 1 Scoop 1 Scoop$3.79
Caramel Cashew 2 Scoop 2 Scoop$4.59
Caramel Cashew 3 Scoop 3 Scoop$5.29

Mixers, Shakes & Malts

Concrete Mixers MiniMini$2.69
Concrete Mixers ShortShort$3.09
Concrete Mixers RegularRegular$4.19
Concrete Mixers TallTall$4.99
Shakes ShortShort$2.59
Shakes RegularRegular$3.69
Shakes TallTall$4.49
Malts ShortShort$2.69
Malts RegularRegular$3.79
Malts TallTall$4.59


Soft Drink SmallSmall$1.69
Soft Drink MediumMedium$1.89
Soft Drink LargeLarge$2.29
Root Beer Float SmallSmall$2.29
Root Beer Float MediumMedium $2.99
White or Chocolate Milk$1.69
Bottled Water$1.69

Salads & Soups

Chicken Cashew Salad$6.49
Garden Fresco Salad$4.19
Garden Fresco Salad Grilled Chicken$6.49
Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad Grilled Chicken$6.49
George’s Chili$2.89
Chili Supreme$3.29

Kids’ Meals

Butter Burger$4.99
Butter Burger Cheese$4.99
Tenders 2 Pc2 Pc.$4.99
Corn Dog$4.99
Grilled Cheese$4.99

Sandwiches & Favorites

Chicken Tenders 2 Pc2 Pc.$4.99
Chicken Tenders 4 Pc4 Pc.$7.99
Chicken Sandwich CrispyCrispy$4.29
Chicken Sandwich GrilledGrilled$7.29


The Culver’s Deluxe SingleSingle$2.99
The Culver’s Deluxe DoubleDouble$4.59
The Culver’s Deluxe TripleTriple$5.99
The Culver’s Bacon Deluxe SingleSingle$3.49
The Culver’s Bacon Deluxe DoubleDouble$5.09
The Culver’s Bacon Deluxe TripleTriple$6.49
ButterBurger The Original SingleSingle$2.79
ButterBurger The Original DoubleDouble$4.29
ButterBurger The Original TripleTriple$5.59
ButterBurger Cheese SingleSingle$2.99
ButterBurger Cheese DoubleDouble$4.59
ButterBurger Cheese TripleTriple$5.99
Cheddar ButterBurger SingleSingle$3.09
Cheddar ButterBurger DoubleDouble$4.79
Cheddar ButterBurger TripleTriple$6.29
Cheddar ButterBurger with Bacon SingleSingle$3.59
Cheddar ButterBurger with Bacon DoubleDouble$5.29
Cheddar ButterBurger with Bacon TripleTriple$6.79
Mushroom And Swiss SingleSingle$3.39
Mushroom And Swiss DoubleDouble$5.09
Mushroom And Swiss TripleTriple$6.59
Sourdough Melt SingleSingle$3.39
Sourdough Melt DoubleDouble$5.09
Sourdough Melt TripleTriple$6.59
Wisconsin Swiss Melt SingleSingle$3.39
Wisconsin Swiss Melt DoubleDouble$5.09
Wisconsin Swiss Melt TripleTriple$6.59


Crinkle Cut Fries$1.89
Cole Slaw$1.89
Mushed Potatoes$1.89
Side Salad$1.89
Onion Rings$2.69
Chili Cheddar Fries$3.49
Cheese Curds$3.49
Disclaimer: PricingStand gathers price information from a variety of sources, including on-site visits, business websites, and phone interviews. To compile the prices of menu on this page, we utilized one or more of these sources. However, please note that there is a possibility that the prices reported on this page may not be accurate and may not apply to all locations. For current pricing, we recommend contacting the specific location you are interested in.

History of Culver’s

Culver’s first began as a stroll down memory lane in Sauk City, Wisconsin, when George, Craig, Lea and Ruth Culver opened the first eatery in 1984. Since then, the restaurant has grown to become a hub for timeless favorites that have been passed down through generations. With over 878 locations as of September 2022, there’s sure to be a Culver’s – or “The Cravin’ Place” – near you.

At every location, you are guaranteed to get delicious farm-fresh food served with friendly Midwestern hospitality. Whether it be their crispy ButterBurgers made from never-frozen Midwest beef or their famous Wisconsin cheese curds, those who visit always end up with a smile on their face after digging into the good stuff.

Culvers Menu with Prices What to Expect
Culvers Restaurant

And for those fans looking for something new, check out limited-edition flavors like Cheesy Bacon Pub Burger or classic seasonal specials like Christmas Ham & Cheese Portabella Melt that will keep bellies satisfied year-round! No matter what brings you to one of their locations, they offer something that everyone can agree on: Dependable eats and smiles all around!

What makes Culver’s unique?

If you love the taste of creamy butter burgers and pillowy frozen custard, Culver’s is the place for you! In its two decades since it first opened its doors in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, Culver’s has become an American favorite. But what makes Culver’s stand out above all other fast-food restaurants?

First off, there is the famous ButterBurger – a savory combination of a real beef patty topped with butter on a lightly buttered toasted bun. This perfect blend of flavor and texture stands out in its simplicity. The CustardMenu at Culver’s is also particularly special – not only does it include the classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, but also more adventurous options like Mint Oreo Dynamite or Salted Chip-Fudge Swirl.

The customer service at Culver’s is always friendly and accommodating with staff serving up each order with a smile. Not to mention that the prices are affordable too! You can check out their menu with prices right on this page as well as their deals & specials on their website, which offer some great savings on your favorite items.

All in all, you can’t go wrong when you visit your local Culver’s!

FAQs About Culver’s Menu

Does culver’s have a value menu?

Yes, Culver’s does have a value menu dubbed “Value Baskets.” This menu offers a variety of items at an affordable price and is perfect for those on a budget. You can check the specific items and prices on the value menu at your local Culver’s restaurant or by checking this page on the Culver’s website.

Is Culver’s Better than McDonald’s?

It is difficult to say definitively whether one restaurant is better than another, as personal preferences can vary greatly. Some people may prefer the food at Culver’s, while others may prefer McDonald’s or another restaurant. Ultimately, the best restaurant for you will depend on your personal tastes and preferences.

Does Culver’s have a vegetarian or vegan menu?

Culver’s does have some vegetarian options available, such as salads and side dishes. However, they may not have a separate vegetarian or vegan menu. It is a good idea to check with your local Culver’s restaurant or to check the website for more information about vegetarian options.

Does Culver’s have a loyalty program or rewards program?

Yes, Culver’s has a loyalty program called MYCULVER’S. Members enjoy a variety of benefits such as free birthday treats, fast online ordering, coupons, the Flavor Forecast Calendar, and other delicious offers.

Does Culver’s offer any specials or promotions?

Yes, Culver’s may offer specials or promotions at certain times. It is a good idea to check with your local Culver’s restaurant or to check the website for information about current specials and promotions.

Are the prices on the Culver’s menu the same at all locations?

Prices on the Culver’s menu may vary by location. It is a good idea to check with your local Culver’s restaurant or to check the website for the most accurate pricing information.


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